Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the VAYUVA family!

We strive to deliver outstanding products and services, along with unmatched customer satisfaction.

So as to help us make your tour a truly memorable one, we urge you to fully read through our terms and conditions. Understanding the same will ensure complete transparency in the process and avoid misunderstandings, if any.

Terms and their meaning- Key to the language of mentioned terms & conditions

1Guest, passenger, traveler, tourist, you, clientThe person(s) in whose name/on whose behalf the booking or registration is made.
2Company/We/UsVayuva Holidays. This also includes all its brands and divisions.
3Tour(s)Any domestic/international tour(s) organized by Vayuva.
4Tour manager/Escort /Leader/assistantThe person(s) who assists guests during the tour.
5Tour GuideThe person who gives detailed information about tourist destinations.
6BrochureTour related information for a specific year/tour published by Vayuva.
7Independent ContractorA person/organization selected by Vayuva Holidays to render services to passenger(s) and who has agreed to render services to the company. This includes hotels/airlines/shipping companies/bus suppliers/Railways/Ferry boats/cruises etc.
8MealFood, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks or any other eatables.
9Jain foodFood without onion and garlic only.
10Group toursThe tour where we provide similar services to all the travellers in that group.
11Force MajeureAn event not within the control of the company. It includes–natural calamities like flood, earthquake and act of God, abnormal weather etc. War, invasion, act of foreign enemies.

Freedom of Activity

As tour and holiday organizers, we take utmost precaution to serve you best and keep you comfortable on tour. However, services like transportation (air, rail, cruise etc), hotels, and restaurants are all outsourced from various selected vendors. Thus, we are not liable and responsible for any injury, loss, personal harm, death or damage that may be caused to any person or property due to an independent vendor.

The Brochure

Company publishes tariff rates and tour related information for specific tours or a certain time period. Once new brochures are published, all previous ones stand cancelled unless specified otherwise. Data such as maps, distances, temperatures, tour prices given in the brochure are approximate and are subject to change. Company reserves the right to change or modify any information related to tour tariffs, before or after a tour is booked. Tour itineraries, prices, departure dates and hotels are subject to change in case of emergencies. In such cases, guests will be notified of the same at the earliest.

Responsibilities of the Company

Company’s liabilities are restricted to the following things only.

The company shall not be liable for any loss/expenses in the following events.

Criteria for Reservation

Interest and enquiry

Enquiring and getting all the details about a tour is not sufficient to book a tour. Services like travel ticket, visa, accommodation shall be confirmed once the booking amount is paid by the guest.

Booking and confirmation

Signing the tour booking form indicates that the guest has accepted the T&C mentioned in the brochure. In case if a single guest is signing a booking form on behalf of the entire family, it means that the person signing is authorized by other members and they will abide by the terms and conditions.

Criteria for group tour

Minimum 20 guests are required for a group tour. In an event of cancellation of tour because of non-fulfilment of minimum criteria, guests shall be intimated in advance.

In case, a tour does not materialize and yet a guest wishes to continue with the same tour, on the same date, the tour shall be operated on individual basis without Tour manager. However, extra charges shall be applicable for the same.

Adjustment/ Change in Tour

If the guest wishes to make amendments such as change of destination, departure dates, addition of deletion of services, change in passenger numbers etc, she/he has to make a written request and obtain an acknowledgement from the travel consultant. The amendment may invite further cost which will have to be borne by the guest. All such requests can be accepted only if they are available with the Company.

If a client wishes to cancel a booked tour and join any other available tour, then cancellation charges for the previously booked tour and new tour cost plus new discounts (if any) for the new tour shall be applicable.

Health/Medical fitness and treatment

In case of any health related issues on tour, guests are expected to be equipped to handle it on their own. Tour Managers may assist in such cases but it will not be possible to give complete attention. It is assumed that the guests booking the tour are medically fit to travel on tour and also that she/he is aware about the tour program, the temperature and the climate. If a guest misses some part of the tour because of medical treatment/ physical problems, company will not be responsible for any expected problems. Unfit guest must inform us about such problems beforehand.

Non-payment before departure

Company reserves the right to cancel and forfeit the paid amount in case of non-payment of full tour cost before departure.

Company policy for the tour payment

Booking amount

Booking amount paid at the time of registration is non-refundable and interest free. If a guest books a tour just 30 days prior to the departure, she/he should make the full payment by Demand Draft or Cash.

Full payment of the tour

Guests have to pay the full tour cost as per the guidelines given in the brochure. Participation on tour shall be confirmed only after the guest makes full payment and is received by the company.

Cheque payment

If a cheque paid by the guest in favor of the Company is dishonoured, the charges of Rs. 500/- per cheque must be paid by the guest.

Tour cost

As foreign exchange rates vary by the day, the company reserves the right to alter the cost of the tour before departure; accordingly the guest will have to make the full payment before tour departure. Tour cost does not include government taxes or any other tax raised by independent contractors like airlines which are to be paid by the guest as per actual.


Discounts declared by the company are applicable for limited seats and specific time period. Company reserves all rights to make changes in the discount policy at any point of time without assigning any reason.