The beauty in the stone is amazing; one must visit Cambodia to know the glorious history of ancient Bharat. I travelled with two small kids, it was an amazing experience.

Shri. Avinash Jogdand, Businessman. Executive Director-Ramelex Pvt. Ltd.

I visited Cambodia with the expectation of seeing some ancient history of our country. The temples and culture of Cambodia is deeply connected with an Indian culture. Visiting Cambodia is just like travelling in time machine. Cambodia is also very beautiful country; villages in the water are amazing to see. One must experience the greatness of our culture in foreign land.

Mr.Vikram Londhe. Fellow of Royal Astronomical Society(FRAS), London(UK).

I felt proud after visiting Cambodia. I think every person who has pride about our culture should visit Cambodia. Every temple is very scientific and it has all the aspects of Bharatiy culture. New generation should visit this place to get inspired in their life.

I came here for photography, this is one of the best destination in the world for photography. Cambodian people are very hardworking, honest, and cooperative. Its amazing and inspiring to visit Cambodia

The country is beautiful, there is natural beauty, roads and infrastructure is very good.

This place should be visited with the expert only. I am satisfied that I have visited this place with Shri. Pundlik Wagh.

Shri. Sudhakar Tamhankar

All youngstars should visit Angkor Wat Vishnu temple and study the hertiage of ancient Bharat.

Mrs. Maneesha Tikekar

We have very close relation to Cambodia; there is a great impact of Bharatiy culture on Cambodian culture. I request all Indians to visit Cambodia.

Shri. Arun Joglekar